Bearings URBANARTT Bearing ST 8 WhiteURBANARTT Bearing ST 8 White
  • URBANARTT Bearing ST 8 White

URBANARTT Bearing ST 8 White

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Product Description URBANARTT Bearing ST 8

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URBANARTT Bearing ST 8 White

Pack of 4 bearing urbanartt ST8.
Sealed bearing for scooter freestyle.

Technical characteristics: & nbsp;
Shield: rubber
Diameter: 8 mm

Brand presentation URBANARTT

The freestyle scooter brand URBANARTT is recognized around the world. His strengths: a flawless finish and a look at the top! Every piece of UrbanArtt freestyle scooters are top quality for a longer life. The wheels are made of high quality urethane, the forks and decks are made of aluminum to give weight and strength, and the handlebars are made of steel to withstand shocks! UrbanArtt is without a doubt one of the best brands in the world of freestyle scooters.

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