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TSG Knee Brace FORCE II Black

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Product Description TSG Knee Brace FORCE II

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TSG Knee Brace FORCE II Black

The FORCE II knee pads are perfect in Mini Ramp / Roller / Longboard !!! Ultra resistant, super comfortable and ready for any abuse, they offer a robust construction ideal for many disciplines of urban gliding and allow you to access the high quality TSG.

Ergonomic high-end Cordura / Neoprene construction with ergonomic and wide (replaceable) PE shell combined with shock-absorbing EVA foams, Horse-Shoe horseshoe interior to cuddle the patella and keep the knee brace in place, super stable thanks to an optimal tightening with 1 high stretch 360 °Velcro strap + 1 adjustable low Velcro strap + 2 Velcro straps Butterfly neoprene on the back, anti-bacteria and anti-odor treatment.

Technical characteristics:
Practice: skate, roller, bmx.
Weight: 600gr (the pair)

Brand presentation TSG

TSG is a top-of-the-range Swiss brand of helmets and pads that has developed its own patented Evolution helmet moulds for optimal comfort, and a range of extremely successful, ergonomic pads... They always have a wide range of helmets in numerous styles, with great colours and off-the-wall designs. TSG has also developed a comprehensive girl's collection, for Roller Derby, suited to women's shapes and always offering one of the largest ranges of elbow pads and knee pads for urban action sports, with above-average comfort. The brand is based on the experience of an international team of pro riders, developing its products and making you feel comfortable in your sport.

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