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    Product description SEBA Toe Cap x2 BLACK

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    SEBA Toe Cap x2 BLACK

    To come protect or repair the front of your skates.

    If you value your skates, this accessory is made so that the front of the shoe is reinforced to resist friction on the ground.
    You just have to prepare the part by degreasing the surface before gluing it and doing the same on the reinforcement and keeping everything in place until the glue sets and it dries.

    sizes for Seba rollerblades :
    S = 34 to 37
    M = 38 to 43
    L = 44 to 47

    Brand overview SEBA

    Seba is a French brand of skates specialising in freeskates. Designed by riders, for riders, the brand is headed up by Sebastien Laffargue, world champion freestyle skater! As a brand, Seba is hugely invested in the freestyle inline skating scene, and works to promote the discipline by sponsoring a number of pro riders, as well as events around the world. Their skates are excellent quality and benefit from the unique know-how that characterises the brand and has made it a favourite among riders.

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