Screws and Bolts SEBA Axle Platinum GRAN TURISMO Steel [x1]SEBA Axle Platinum GRAN TURISMO Steel [x1]
  • SEBA Axle Platinum GRAN TURISMO Steel [x1]
  • Video SEBA Axle Platinum GRAN TURISMO Steel [x1]

SEBA Axle Platinum GRAN TURISMO Steel [x1]

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Product description SEBA Axle Platinum GRAN TURISMO [x1]

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SEBA Platinum Axis GRAN TURISMO Steel [x1]

Steel axle for Seba Gran Turismo plates.

Technical characteristics :
Width: 8mm
Screw head: Allen key

Axis sold individually.

Brand overview SEBA

Seba is a French brand of skates specialising in freeskates. Designed by riders, for riders, the brand is headed up by Sebastien Laffargue, world champion freestyle skater! As a brand, Seba is hugely invested in the freestyle inline skating scene, and works to promote the discipline by sponsoring a number of pro riders, as well as events around the world. Their skates are excellent quality and benefit from the unique know-how that characterises the brand and has made it a favourite among riders.

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