Pads: 3-packs ROLLERBLADE Pack 3 protections EVO GEAR BlackROLLERBLADE Pack 3 protections EVO GEAR Black
  • ROLLERBLADE Pack 3 protections EVO GEAR Black

ROLLERBLADE Pack 3 protections EVO GEAR Black

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Product description ROLLERBLADE Pack 3 protections EVO GEAR

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ROLLERBLADE Pack 3 protections EVO GEAR Black

This protection kit will allow you to progress with the assurance of being protected during your outings on rollerskates or skates.

This pack composed of comfortable and well padded wrist protectors, elbow pads and knee pads will make you move quickly without worrying about whether everything will stay in place during falls.
The composition in ventilated mesh and Coolmax material will bring comfort and breathability to extend your walks without discomfort.
A specific anatomical shape with marking to identify is provided for the left and right sides.

Brand overview ROLLERBLADE

Founded in 1973 by two brothers, Rollerblade was the first brand to dust off the old style of in-line skates and bring them up to date. With 40 years of experience in skates and following the host of new improvements made to to the skating scene, Rollerblade is now a major brand in the market and recognised for the quality of its skates for all levels. And because 100% of staff members are skaters, the brand's history and reputation show no signs of slowing down!

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