Wheels ROLLERBLADE HYDROGEN WD 92A Wheel Black white [x4]ROLLERBLADE HYDROGEN WD 92A Wheel Black white [x4]
  • ROLLERBLADE HYDROGEN WD 92A Wheel Black white [x4]

ROLLERBLADE HYDROGEN WD 92A Wheel Black white [x4]

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Product description ROLLERBLADE HYDROGEN WD 92A Wheel Black white [x4]

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Nomadeshop presents the signature wheels of our pro rider Warren Digne !!
The 60mm Hydrogen Street wheels are designed to deliver premium performance. Made in the USA with an exclusive formula, high performance polyurethane offers unrivaled benefits for urban wrinkles. The wide profile provides the maneuverability necessary to perform tricks.

Technical characteristics:
Size: 60mm
Hardness: 92a
Type of practice: street
Pack of 4 wheels

Brand overview ROLLERBLADE

Founded in 1973 by two brothers, Rollerblade was the first brand to dust off the old style of in-line skates and bring them up to date. With 40 years of experience in skates and following the host of new improvements made to to the skating scene, Rollerblade is now a major brand in the market and recognised for the quality of its skates for all levels. And because 100% of staff members are skaters, the brand's history and reputation show no signs of slowing down!

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