Roller Boots RIEDELL Black Solaris BootsRIEDELL Black Solaris Boots
  • RIEDELL Black Solaris Boots
  • RIEDELL Black Solaris Boots
  • RIEDELL Black Solaris Boots
  • RIEDELL Black Solaris Boots
  • RIEDELL Black Solaris Boots
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RIEDELL Black Solaris Boots

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Product Description RIEDELL Solaris Boots

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The Solaris is a brand new quad skating boots from the reference riedel skates brand. After years of research and development, the latest technology and design will redefine performance and comfort standards for quad skating.

Dynamic response sole :
One of the most important features of Solaris is the dynamic sole which is a two-part system: the contoured polycarbonate midsole supports the natural shape of the foot and offers strength and rigidity. Durable polyurethane outsole provides cushioning and reduced vibration. The combination is a rigid, durable and very comfortable ride for the skater.

Ankle closure with V-Lock strap:
A revolutionary integrated heel strap designed to pull the boot securely down and around the natural shape of your heel. Made from high-strength polyester webbing, the V-Lock webbing is positioned low to permanently lock the heel in place, preventing heel movement and slippage.

Curved Padded Collar:
The Solaris anatomically shaped curved collar is made of supple glove leather that supports the ankle for maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

Strata microfibre lining:
Perforated antimicrobial perforated microfiber lining with anti-humidity and anti-odor treatment. The sueded texture of the Strata lining helps secure the foot inside the shoe.

Heat-moldable DC-7 reinforcements:
Four-quarters of Solaris have thermoformable meters to help reduce hot spots or pressure points. You do not need to heat your Solaris boots if they are comfortable and perfectly adjusted. However, in case of discomfort, it is best to use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the discomfort area on the boot and use your fingers or the handle of a small screwdriver to pierce the specific area.

Solaris waxed laces:
Paraffin-infused laces hold firmly, do not stretch, and will not leave irritating sticky wax aggregates like standard coated laces.

Brand presentation RIEDELL SKATES

Riedell Skates was born in 1945 in the USA and has since retained its unique know-how in the design of quad/derby skates. A real range of skills, technologies and the art of skates, Riedell Skates are recognised internationally for their quality. In 70 years of passion, engineers, designers, and manufacturers have continued to improve their skates, both in term of performance and aesthetics, resulting in high quality quad skates available for you.

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