Proto Scooters is a brand of stunt scooters founded in 2008 by scooter riders. Proto Scooters has a very good reputation among riders: it offers some of the world's best top-notch parts (wheels, decks, clamps, forks and pegs) for stunt scooters. It is also one of the most dynamic companies in terms of research and innovation in the field of stunt scooters and their various parts and components!

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- The "Park" scooters are designed for skatepark practice. They are lighter and more manageable. - "Street" scooters are designed for urban use (sidewalks, rails, etc.). They are stronger and more stable (wider deck, a little heavier) - The "Polyvalentes" can be used both in the park and in the street. They are perfect for discovery, but less pointed for more demanding practitioners.
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110 mm