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  • OYSI Platinum 281mm Blue
  • OYSI Platinum 281mm Blue
  • OYSI Platinum 281mm Blue
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OYSI Platinum 281mm Blue

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BlueOYSI Platinum 281mm Blue
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Product description OYSI Platinum 281mm

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OYSI Platinum 281mm Blue

Oysi decks allow you to ride in Powerblading with many wheel diameter combinations. With its big Hblock perfectly designed for slides, this deck combines speed, performance and maneuverability. The wheels on the outside can go from 65mm to 72mm (a modification of the soulplate is necessary for the 72mm, except with models of roller like the Razors Shift whose soulplate is adapted for big wheels).

Then you decide which size you want inside for a flat or banana mount for more maneuverability (the middle wheels are raised to turn more easily).

Technical characteristics :
Many combinations
One size (281mm)
8mm axles

Sold in pairs.

Brand overview OYSI

Oysi is a new brand of frames for aggressive skates.

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