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Madd purple double clamp

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Product description Madd purple double clamp

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MADD Collier de serrage 2 VIS Violet 

Madd est une marque Australienne spécialisée dans le custom de trottinette et trottinette Freestyle. Nomadeshop vous présente le collier de serrage 31.9mm renforcé Madd pour trottinette freestyle.

Collier double serrage, plus résistant que celui d'origine!

Brand presentation MADD

MADD is a freestyle scooter brand created in 2002 in Australia. Quickly adopted by the scooter riders around the world, the brand MADD (also called MGP) is now one of the leaders in the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. With pro teams around the globe, MADD develops its products using high quality standards to meet the needs of riders. MADD offers complete scooters but also all spare parts for freestyle scooters: decks, bars, wheels, grips, headsets, clamps, pegs, griptapes etc.

Découvrez les produits de la marque : Shoes MADD | Clamps MADD
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