Speedness skates K2 Roller balade et fitness VO2 100 X PRO 2018 Noir jaune

K2 Roller balade et fitness VO2 100 X PRO 2018 Noir jaune

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Product description K2 Roller balade et fitness VO2 100 X PRO 2018 Noir jaune

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K2 Roler ride and fitness VO2 100 X PRO 2018 Black yellow

The K2 VO2 100 X Pro is the high end skate you are looking for.
Ideal for athletes looking for a solid workout.
A quick lacing system adds to this superb skate, effective both to put on and remove skates.
Thanks to K2's Performance Hi-Lo technology, skaters benefit from the acceleration and maneuverability of the smaller front wheels while enjoying the maximum speed of large rear wheels.

Technical characteristics :
Wheel size: hi-lo 2x100mm at the rear and 2x90mm at the front.
Hardness of the wheels: 83A
Clamping system: Fast
Platinum: VO2 100
Ventilation system: yes
Slipper: K2 Original Softboot
Bearings: QIL-9 pro

Brand presentation K2

K2 was result of combining fun and technology. The brand K2 emerged over 50 years ago in the United States and specialises several roller and board sports. The K2 skates were the first to have combined soft boots and inline wheels to combine the best of comfort and performance. Often imitated, K2 skates are still one of the market leaders and are a major player in innovation in the field of action sports.

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