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Product description GO PROJECT Roulement x8 FREESTYLE

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Go Project Freestyle bearings are made with great strength, making them perfect for heavy skating and lifting (sharp turning, freestyle, slalom, big wheels, etc.). They operate with extremely low torque and are impregnated with an ultra-light oil. They use six chrome-plated steel ball bearings instead of seven for reduced friction. Each ball is slightly larger than the regular bearings which makes them perfect for a heavy vertical load sport like inline skating.

Although the Freestyle Go Project bearings are comparable to an ABEC 7 bearing, Go Project does not use the generic ABEC scale to evaluate bearings due to its inadequacy with the specific tolerances imposed by inline skating. The quality of manufacturing and materials exceed the importance of a rating based on "revolutions per second". Freestyle bearings simply have a specialty grade of 4.5 / 5 that represents their performance when used as a skid bearing.

Bearing 608 RS: Bearings with nylon flange and one open side.

Size 608: Compatible with 8mm or smaller diameter shafts.
RS: Nylon flanges to prevent rusting, and easily removable, for regular maintenance.
1-sided with nylon flange for less friction.
Cage (around balls) made of nylon to prevent rust.

Maintenance: After rolling in water, or even regularly, disassemble the wheels, dry the bearings by turning them empty and degrease the outside of the bearings with a dry cloth.

Sold in lots of 8 bearings for 4 wheels.

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