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What bag do I choose?

In order to satisfy you as best as possible, we offer a wide range of bags: from classic backpacks to more specific sports bags. Designs, disciplines and trends, there's something for everyone!
Choosing your bag is not a decision to take lightly. Here are a few things to look out for when you choose:
- The volume of the bag: a deciding factor, this is the number one selection criteria. Choose your volume according to your needs!
-What are you using it for: stylish bags, skate bags, stilts bags, skateboard and snowboard backpacks, urban cyclist bags, each bag has a specific use and can sometimes be versatile.
- Storage features:  document pockets, glasses pockets, computer compartment,  or net, each bag has strengths facilitating storage.
- Comfort: back, shoulder or over the shoulder, wear your bag is a question of straps and comfort.  
- The strengths: only the details make the difference! Put the bags under the microscope and discover which options they offer you.
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