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To participate

  • Tag the brand (s) of the products you would like in the comments
  • Tag 2 friends
  • BONUS: Tag the brand (s) you want as well as Nomadeshop as a story using our 50K filter
  • Follow the brand (s) of the products you would like
  • Follow @nomadeshop_official

List of lots

  • AOS Deck purple pro max peters + BLUNT Rubber strap + BLUNT case + BLUNT sweater M
  • NOMADESHOP Complete skateboard
  • NOMAD deck
  • UNFAIR Deck chrome
  • RAW VEGAS T Bar + BLUNT pencil case
  • BLUNT Oversized soul bar + BLUNT Rubber strap + BLUNT pencil case + BLUNT K-way jacket size S
  • ETHIC T Bar Trianon gray
  • BLUNT Union Bar gray + BLUNT pencil case
  • NOMADESHOP x EAGLE SUPPLY scooter grip
  • BLUNT 2x Wheels 100mm 86A + BLUNT Rubber strap + BLUNT case + BLUNT vestekway S
  • URBANARTT Handles
  • FR SKATES - FRX 80 Black et untote Bag FR
  • TRIAD Deck PSYCHIC 23 x 5.5BOXED STONED Raw Black
  • OATH BERMUDA Bluepurple titanium wheel [x2]
  • BLUNT Prodigy s8 Nebula
  • KROM Kendama NOIA 5
  • LOADED Deck Coyote
  • BROADWAY Grips Scooter
  • BIRDHOUSE x TONYHAWK complete Stage 1crest black
  • DISTRICT Light blue handles
  • DISTRICT Dark blue handles
  • DISTRICT Handles light blue
  • DISTRICT Handles red
  • VANS BMX grips cultsingle Ply green + CULT socks
  • WISE Hose clampDuality black
  • TRIGGER Deck nemestia ROOKIE Water Bottle
  • BLUNT Blunt pencil case
  • NOMAD Bearings x8
  • BLUNT XXS black sweater + XS white T-shirt
  • BLUNT Zip sweatshirt Black
  • TRIGGER complete Fox8.0 + socks
  • CARVER Logo T-shirt L
  • CARVER Logo t-shirt size M
  • TRIGGER cudot wheel 57 / 90A + TRIGGER socks
  • ARBOR LongboardPerformance Complete AxisFlagship 37
  • BLUNT Rubber strap + sticker plate + jacket K way size S
  • 4 NOMADESHOP xVERSATYL White T-shirts
  • CARVER Carver dark blue t-shirt (size M)
  • BLUNT Black t-shirt with big logo (size M) + rubber strap + case + stickers
  • 2 IMPALA Pairs of socks + pins
  • KROM Kendama POP Black + ETHIC Erawan Neochrome
  • KROM Kendama POP SkyBlue + ETHIC Deck bloodymary v2 dark
  • KROM Kendama Pop Yellow

List of partner brands and their Instagram account


Nomadeshop, whose head office is located at 37 boulevard Bourdon, 75004 Paris (hereinafter the “Organizer”) wishes to organize a competition entitled “GAME COMPETITION - 50k”, the winners of which will be chosen by drawing lots under the defined conditions. below. The competition will take place from Wednesday May 12, 2021 to Wednesday May 19 at 11:00 a.m. (French date and time of connection being taken).


2.1. The competition is free and open to anyone residing in Europe.

2.2. Participation in the competition is strictly personal and nominative. Only one prize will be awarded per designated winner.

2.3. Failure to comply with the conditions for participation set out in these Rules will invalidate the Participant's participation.

2.4 The game is subject to the regulations of French law applicable to games and contests.


This game takes place exclusively on Instagram, on the dates indicated in article 1. To validate his participation, each participant must tag the brand (s) of the products he would like to win in comments and follow their Instagram account, tag 2 friends and bonus tag the brand (s) of the products he would like as a story using the Nomadeshop 50K filter. Each Internet user by registering for the game gets a chance to be drawn. In addition, the Internet user must follow the accounts of the desired brand (s) as well as the official Nomadeshop account, @nomadeshop_official.


The Organizer will designate the winners by drawing lots from among all the people who have registered. A draw will be held on Wednesday May 19 at 11:00 a.m. Only one prize will be awarded per winner (same name, same address, same Instagram account).


The prizes for the draws are as follows: 50 prizes. AOS Deck purple pro max peters + BLUNT Rubber strap + BLUNT case + BLUNT sweater M;NOMADESHOP Complete skateboard;NOMAD deck;UNFAIR Deck chrome;RAW VEGAS T Bar + BLUNT pencil case;BLUNT Oversized soul bar + BLUNT Rubber strap + BLUNT pencil case + BLUNT K-way jacket size S;ETHIC T Bar Trianon gray;BLUNT Union Bar gray + BLUNT kit;NOMADESHOP x EAGLE SUPPLY scooter grip;BLUNT 2x Wheels 100mm 86A + BLUNT Rubber strap + BLUNT case + BLUNT kway S jacket;URBAN ARTT Handles;FR SKATES - FRX 80Black and a FR tote bag;TRIAD Deck PSYCHIC 23 x 5.5 BOXED STONED Raw Black;OATH BERMUDA Blue purple titanium wheel [x2];ROLLERBLADE RB 110;BLUNT Prodigy s8 Nebula;KROM Kendama NOIA 5;LOADED Deck Coyote;BROADWAY Scooter Grips;BIRDHOUSE x TONYHAWK complete Stage 1 crest black;DISTRICT Light blue handles;DISTRICT Dark blue handles;DISTRICT Light blue handles;DISTRICT Red handles;VANS BMX cult single Ply grips green + CULT socks;WISE Black Duality hose clamp;TRIGGER Deck nemestia;ROOKIE Gourd;BLUNT Blunt pencil case;NOMAD Bearings x8;BLUNT XXS black sweater + XS white T-shirt;BLUNT Zip sweatshirt Black;TRIGGER complete Fox 8.0 + socks;CARVER T-shirt logo L;KROM Kendama NAKED PLASTICITY - UMBRA;CARVER Logo t-shirt size M;TRIGGER cudot wheel 57 / 90A + TRIGGER socks;ARBOR Longboard Performance Complete Axis Flagship 37;BLUNT Rubber strap + sticker plate + K way jacket size S;4NOMADESHOP x VERSATYL White T-shirts;CARVER Carver dark blue t-shirt (size M);BLUNT Black big logo tshirt (size M) + rubber strap + pouch + stickers;2 IMPALA Pairs of Socks + pins;KROM Kendama POP Black + ETHIC Erawan Neochrome;KROM Kendama POP Sky Blue + ETHIC Deck bloody mary v2 dark;KROM Kendama Pop Yellow.


The Contest Organizer will first contact by direct message, on Instagram, the Winners drawn at random and inform them of their prize money and the procedures to follow to access them. No mail will be sent to participants who have not won, only the winners will be contacted. Winners must respond within two (3) days of sending this email and provide their full contact details. Without a response from the winner within 3 days of sending this direct message on Instagram, he will forfeit his prize and will not be able to claim any compensation, endowment or compensation whatsoever. In this case, the prizes will be allocated to a substitute appointed during the drawing of lots for the session concerned. The winners must comply with these rules. If it turns out that they do not meet the criteria of these regulations, their prize will not be awarded to them and will be acquired by the Organizer. To this end, participants authorize all checks concerning their identity, age, contact details or the loyalty and sincerity of their participation. Any false declaration, indication of identity or false postal address entails the immediate elimination of the participant and the acquisition of the prize by the Organizer. In addition, if the Organizer is unable to deliver the prize (s) won to the winner (s), whatever the cause, the Organizer reserves the right to substitute a prize for it. of equivalent value, which all participants agree to. The winners cannot under any circumstances claim any exchange for the prize awarded at the end of the draw.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, participants in the competition benefit from the Organizer, a right of access, rectification (i.e. supplement, update and lock) and withdrawal of their personal data. The personal information of participants is collected by the Organizer only for the purpose of monitoring the competition and is essential to participate in it.


The Organizer cannot be held liable for the impossibility of contacting each winner, as well as in the event of loss, theft or damage to the prize during its delivery. Nor can the Organizer be held responsible for any errors relating to the name, address and / or contact details provided by the people who took part in the competition. In addition, the Contest Organizer declines all responsibility for all incidents that may arise during the enjoyment of the prize awarded and / or made of its use and / or its consequences, in particular the enjoyment of a prize by a minor, who remains under the full and total responsibility of a person with parental authority. The Organizer reserves the right, if the circumstances so require, to shorten, extend, modify, interrupt, postpone or cancel the competition, without being held liable. However, any modification will be the subject of an amendment which will be posted on the Instagram account @nomadeshop_official and sent free of charge to anyone who has made a request for payment. The Organizer declines all responsibility in the event of a malfunction preventing access to and / or the smooth running of the competition, in particular due to external malicious acts. The use of robots or any other similar process allowing to participate in the competition mechanically or otherwise is prohibited, the violation of this rule resulting in the definitive elimination of its director and / or user. The Organizer may cancel all or part of the competition if it appears that fraud has taken place in any form whatsoever, in particular in a computerized manner in the context of participating in the competition or determining the winners. It reserves, in this case, the right not to allocate the prizes to fraudsters and / or to prosecute the perpetrators of these frauds before the competent courts.