Freeskates ROLLERBLADE Roller Freeskate MAXXUM 84 W 2016 Blue

ROLLERBLADE Roller Freeskate MAXXUM 84 W 2016 Blue


Product description ROLLERBLADE Roller Freeskate MAXXUM 84 W 2016

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ROLLERBLADE Roller Freeskate MAXXUM 84 W 2016 Blue

The Maxxum 84 W wife concrete streets ensuring power, balance and intuitive control.

Technical data:
Use: Freeskate
Boot: Hard
Slippers: 5Star Fit with shock absorption system.
Tightening: micrometric adjustment buckle on the collar, belt 45 °laces (extra laces in the box)
Turntables: Extruded aluminum 4x84, lattéral adjustment.
Brake: Removable
Axis diameter: 8 mm
Wheels: Supreme 4x84 / 85A
Bearings: SG9

Brand presentation ROLLERBLADE

Founded in 1973 by two brothers, Rollerblade was the first brand to dust off the old style of in-line skates and bring them up to date. With 40 years of experience in skates and the result of numerous improvements made skating, Rollerblade is now a major brand in the market and recognised for the quality of its pads for all levels. The company being composed 100% of skaters, the history and reputation of the brand is not ready to stop!

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