Screws and Bolts PWR AXIS Single 8mm L35mm M7PWR AXIS Single 8mm L35mm M7
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PWR AXIS Single 8mm L35mm M7

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Product Description PWR AXIS Single 8mm L35mm M7

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POWERSLIDE Single Axle 8mm L35mm M7


Screw head: Torx wrench

Brand presentation POWERSLIDE

Founded in 1994, the Powerslide brand is a multi-faceted rollerblade manufacturer. Indeed, Powerslide designs both rollerbladers, speed skates and freeskate rollerblades. Powerslide has also to its credit rollers more innovative in the landscape of urban skiing. Released recently, Roller Doop Freestyle is a good example. It slips on over your shoes while ensuring an ideal support of the ankle and use as practical as traditional freestyle rollers. Powerslide is truly one of the major players in the world of urban skiing.

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