Wheels HYPER ROLLO 62mm 78A Wheel Black [x8]HYPER ROLLO 62mm 78A Wheel Black [x8]
  • HYPER ROLLO 62mm 78A Wheel Black [x8]
  • HYPER ROLLO 62mm 78A Wheel Black [x8]
  • Video HYPER ROLLO 62mm 78A Wheel Black [x8]

HYPER ROLLO 62mm 78A Wheel Black [x8]

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Product description HYPER ROLLO 62mm 78A Wheel [x8]

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HYPER Wheel ROLLO 62mm 78A Black

The concepts of "Trocadéro, Zoulou, tac-tac, sparrowhawk, slalom, backpack catch", ... speak to you?
So you are of the generation that knew this wheel before inline skating came back in force.

If that doesn't tell you anything, the Hyper Rollo is a legendary model that quadcats were able to ride in the heyday of roller skating, rollerquads as we say now, or roller skates for English speakers.
The shape of this wheel as well as the urethane recipe of this model make it a joy to ride.
The glide is comfortable, the lip which comes to be deformed allows to have more bite on accelerations and grip.
The 62mm diameter gives sufficient and responsive rolling for people looking for a wheel that is nervous to do more than rolling the 2 feet glued to the ground.

Technical characteristics:
Size: 62mm
Hardness: 78A
Type of practice: Outdoors (outdoor)

Brand overview HYPER

The Hyper brand was founded by skating lovers with a specific purpose in mind: to manufacture the best skate wheels in the world. Eighteen years later, Hyper has developed real expertise in skate wheels (recreational, freeskate, speed): impeccable quality and accessible prices!

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