Wheels BONT BPM wheel 62x35mm / 78A [x4]BONT BPM wheel 62x35mm / 78A [x4]
  • BONT BPM wheel 62x35mm / 78A [x4]
  • Video BONT BPM wheel 62x35mm / 78A [x4]

BONT BPM wheel 62x35mm / 78A [x4]

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Product description BONT BPM wheel 62x35mm / 78A [x4]

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BONT BPM 62x35mm / 78A Wheels

To speed up your beats per minute based on your performance.

The Australian brand Bont known at the base for its shoes for inline speed competitions, for ice in short track, also in cycling, but also in quad for roller derby, skatepark and running;has developed a wheel for traditional quad skates.
With sure values such as a diameter of 62mm, a width of 35mm and a hardness of 78A , the Bont BPM with its "made in USA "manufacture will give something new with its quality urethane recipe.
Ideal for versatile urban outdoor use, these wheels are designed for leisure use but not only. We will be able to move with a comfortable ride on a ride while being manoeuvrable and responsive for slalom / rollerdance and with rebound to cushion in jumps.

technical characteristics :
diameter: 62mm
width: 35mm
hardness: 78A
sold by 4.

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