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MOXI Brake PETAL x2 Purple

Colours :
PurpleMOXI Brake PETAL x2 Purple
RedMOXI Brake PETAL x2 Purple
YellowMOXI Brake PETAL x2 Purple
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In stock
In stock
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Product description MOXI Brake PETAL x2

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MOXI Brake PETAL x2 Purple forget me not

These brakes are made of durable rubber that will not mark the floors of indoor gyms and adapt well to rough outdoor surfaces like streets and sidewalks.

Technical characteristics :
Diameter: 45mm
Shank length: 22mm
Eraser: rubber
Available in 3 colors.

Sold in pairs.

Brand overview MOXI

The MOXI quad rollerblade brand was born in 2008 and has since been able to largely seduce women with its quad rollerblades with a chic, retro and sexy look. Unique on the market, Moxi skates have little, if at all, competition as their style is original. Created and carried by the world famous brand RIEDELL, Moxi has in fact quad rollers of excellent quality, among the best on the market. Notice to amateurs, don't worry, Moxi is a safe bet!

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