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Product description CHAYA Quad VINTAGE Voyager

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CHAYA Roller Quad VINTAGE Voyager

Vintage but what a name, totally in tune with the times, otherwise!

A comfortable shoe for walking around or doing a little more by trying your hand at slalom and trying a few jumps to get around town.
The aluminum frame provides better responsiveness and better control of these pads.
The wheels are with a large core to have better rolling while maintaining good responsiveness.
Once on your feet, this Voyager model makes you want to travel for miles while taking the time to enjoy.

technical characteristics :
shoes: synthetic leather
frames: Chaya Galaxy in aluminum
wheels: Chaya Propel 61mm 78A
bearings: Wicked ABEC9

Brand overview CHAYA

Introducing our new collection of quad skate premium products.
Chaya means 'life' in Hebrew. Quad/Derby skating is a real passion for many, and that's reflected in the Chaya brand's products.
Chaya's brand image is crisp, clean and streamlined. These combine style and performance.
Chaya brings customers the very best materials and premium manufacturing.
Once you try them, you won't look back.

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