Roller skates CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 WhiteCHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White
  • CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White
  • CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White
  • CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White
  • CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White
  • CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White
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CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White

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Product description CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0

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CHAYA Quad JUMP 2.0 White

To explore the city and enjoy the present moment.

This pair of rollerquad is designed by the Chaya brand with all the innovations from the research and development office of the Powerslide group.
With the appearance of a sneaker but with a rigid sole to transfer the maximum energy to the frame for more efficient skating.
Whether for slalom, jumping, skids, rollerdance, going to the skatepark, ... or even just riding, the Jump 2.0 model is versatile and efficient.
The shoe is strong and padded to have excellent support in all circumstances and to be comfortable for skating without worrying about whether the material will manage to keep up.
Although the Shari frame is not made of metal, the composite material used is strong and light in order to optimize the skate to make it more comfortable to wear on the feet for hours and responsive at all times.
Sugar rush wheels are made to meet the slightest demand. Handy and comfortable for moving in urban areas to be able to accelerate and brake in a safe way.
In addition, it is possible to add a grindblock sold separately to go and do tricks on the modules in the skatepark.

Technical characteristics :

Turntables: Chaya Shari (composite)
Wheels: Chaya Sugar rush
Diameter: 62mm
Wheel hardness: 78A
Bearings: Wicked ABEC 9

Brand overview CHAYA

Introducing our new collection of quad skate premium products.
Chaya means 'life' in Hebrew. Quad/Derby skating is a real passion for many, and that's reflected in the Chaya brand's products.
Chaya's brand image is crisp, clean and streamlined. These combine style and performance.
Chaya brings customers the very best materials and premium manufacturing.
Once you try them, you won't look back.

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