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The special features of the Quad Roller


His ancestor the roller skate

The roller skate was basically a shoe on which was fixed an adjustable frame with 2X2 parallel wheels, four soft and wide wheels of small diameter. It was the famous slipper skate, which was simply called roller skating. It is the ancestor of the skateboard quad which is why it is also called this way.

A trendy and vintage roller

We began to see the roller skating in the movies of the 30s such as "Les Temps Modernes"with Charlie Chaplin. Years later the roller skating has evolved and became the quad skate. The difference between the two is that the platinum is attached to the shoe. The quad skate has lost popularity when online rollerblades, which have the wheels aligned, we made their appearance. The quad rollers then made their comeback thanks to films such as Bliss, a film about roller derby or more recently Soy Luna a television series broadcast on Disney Channel.

By its "old"side the roller quad has become the reference of vintage skating. A real fashion phenomenon, it has become a must and appeals to all nostalgic roller skating.

A sporting or artistic choice

The technical aspects of the roller skate, such as the layout of the wheels, allow a better stability at the stop. They are certainly slower than an inline skate but it allows to better achieve jumps with a better support. The quad skate is also very used in sports such as roller derby. Overall it is a skating model that adapts to different needs: stroll , artistic or sports .

A big choice

Whether you are an adult or a child, everyone can navigate with roller skates.

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