• Video ROLL LINE PANTHER LIGHT 55mm / 95A Wheel White [x8]

ROLL LINE PANTHER LIGHT 55mm / 95A Wheel White [x8]

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Product description ROLL LINE PANTHER LIGHT 55mm / 95A Wheel [x8]

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ROLL LINE PANTHER LIGHT Wheel 55mm 95A x8 White

The Panther Light wheels are originally intended for artistic freestyle with a small diameter of 55mm.
They are responsive and nervous for precise skating on smooth, rather slippery surfaces.
Their core is light for weight gain on jumps and other aerial figures.

But they can also be suitable for rollerderby for people looking for a smaller wheel than in the sizes usually used, to have more liveliness.

Brand overview ROLL LINE

Roll-Line is the undisputed global leader on the professional skate market: Roll-Line's designs are
the result of continuous research into new materials with a view to guaranteeing ultimate performance.
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