Bearings SURE GRIP JUICE bearing 7MM [x16]SURE GRIP JUICE bearing 7MM [x16]
  • SURE GRIP JUICE bearing 7MM [x16]
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SURE GRIP JUICE bearing 7MM [x16]

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Product description SURE GRIP JUICE bearing 7MM [x16]

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Juice 7mm bearings for quad line skating.

Diameter: 7mm

Sold in pack of 16 rolls 7mm diameter to 8 wheels.

Brand overview SURE GRIP

Sure Grip is an American brand founded over 75 years ago. Specialists in quad skates (Derby), Sure Grip has in-depth expertise in this discipline and makes superior equipment products! Their production factories are still based in the States, which is further proof of Sure Grip's desire to maintain the quality of its derby skates. Their expertise shines through in the complete skates the brand offers, as well as in each of the parts that they manufacture: wheels, plates, bearings, inner boots, etc.

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