Freeskates PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAYPWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY
  • PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY
  • PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY
  • PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY
  • PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY
  • PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY
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PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY

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Product description PWR NEXT Arctic Gray 110 GRAY

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POWERSLIDE Freeskate roller NEXT 110 Arctic Gray

The Powerslide Next Arctic Gray 110 offers everything you expect from a modern skateboard: a superb look, high quality parts and craftsmanship, exceptional performance and superior comfort. The heat-moldable MYFIT Recall Dual Fit liner with memory padding provides this extra comfort that makes you feel good from the first stride and allows you to ride longer with more fun. The boot offers many unique custom options. A rigid die-cast aluminum die-cast Elite complete this roller with fast and adherent Spinner 110mm / 88A wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 bearings for smooth slip.

Technical characteristics :
Boots: rigid
Type of practice: fitness, urban

Powerslide Elite 243mm trinity (3 attachment points) (adjustable front-rear and side)
Material: Aluminum
Maximum size of wheels: 110 mm
Weight 1750g

Model: Spinner Powerslide
Width: 24 mm
Diameter: 110 mm
Standard 608 standard bearing
Hardness: 88A

WCD Wicked ABEC 9
Lubrication light grease
Type 608 standard

General technical characteristics:
Clamping system: 45 °closure Micro buckle with adjustable ratchet icon, PS classic micro adjustable buckle and laces
Average ventilation
Slippers: MYFIT recall dual with lacing
Insole: MYFIT
height of the shoe: 33 cm (size 42/43)

Brand overview POWERSLIDE

Founded in 1994, the brand Powerslide is a multi-faceted skate manufacturer. Indeed, Powerslide also designs recreational skates, speed skates and freeskate skates. Powerslide also offers some of the most innovative skates in the world of urban action sports. Launched very recently, the Doop Freestyle skate is a good example. It fits over your shoes while ensuring perfect ankle support and performance - just as good as traditional freestyle skates. Powerslide is most definitely one to watch in the world of urban action sports.

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