Roller freeskate wheels LUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]LUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
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LUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]

Colours :
WhiteLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
YellowLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
WhiteLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
PinkLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
Mother of pearlLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
BlackLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
GreenLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
Multi colorLUMINOUS Wheel 85A White [x4]
In stock :
In stock
In stock
Sizes :
72 mm
80 mm

Product description LUMINOUS Wheel 85A [x4]

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FR LUMINOUS 85A Wheel White [x4] - 80mm

Bright wheels for your online rollerblades !!
The 80mm luminous wheels running with LED lights will give you style in all circumstances and ensure your safety during your night trips.

Technical characteristics:
Size: 80mm
Hardness: 85A
Practice: freeskate, slalom, ride.
White colour

Interview :
It is the inner side of the wheel that is the most requested part of the skater, especially at the front of the rollers. Cross your wheels regularly to ensure even wear. For this, simply swap the wheels of your rollers and put the two from front to back. Put a dry cloth on the bearings for optimal use.

Sold by lot of 4 wheels.

Brand overview LUMINOUS

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