Screws and Bolts POWERSLIDE Screw Spoiler NEXT Black [x2]POWERSLIDE Screw Spoiler NEXT Black [x2]
  • POWERSLIDE Screw Spoiler NEXT Black [x2]
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POWERSLIDE Screw Spoiler NEXT Black [x2]

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Product description POWERSLIDE Screw Spoiler NEXT [x2]

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POWERSLIDE Spoiler Screw NEXT Black [x2]

Black spoiler screw for Powerslide Next skates.

Technical characteristics :
Type: Allen
Black color

Screws sold in pairs.

Brand overview POWERSLIDE

Founded in 1994, the brand Powerslide is a multi-faceted skate manufacturer. Indeed, Powerslide also designs recreational skates, speed skates and freeskate skates. Powerslide also offers some of the most innovative skates in the world of urban action sports. Launched very recently, the Doop Freestyle skate is a good example. It fits over your shoes while ensuring perfect ankle support and performance - just as good as traditional freestyle skates. Powerslide is most definitely one to watch in the world of urban action sports.

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