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SECTOR 9 Butter bearing spray

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Product description SECTOR 9 Butter bearing spray

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SECTOR 9 Butter bearing spray

Spray for the maintenance of your bearings:
  • Helps reduce friction
  • Increase rotation speed
  • Increases the longevity of bearings
Volume: 7.5ml

Brand overview SECTOR 9

Sector 9 is a brand straight from California (USA) founded in 1993 by Steve Lake, Dave Klimkiewicz, Tal O'Farrell and Dennis Telfer. Deeply rooted in surfing, Sector 9 also specialises in skateboards as well as longboards. Now a leading brand name, it offers products for all types of skaters -: road, street, bowl/pool, freeride, freestyle, cruising, descent. From decks to parts, Sector 9 has an impressive range of products. Present across the globe, its riders frequently make it to the downhill skateboarding world championships

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