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POWERDYNE Press + bearing extractor

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Product Description POWERDYNE Press + bearing extractor

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POWERDYNE Press + bearing extractor

Perfect for a workshop at home, for the most addicted to the maintenance of wheels and bearings.

This tool is made so that you can put and remove the bearings from your wheels quickly and without tearing your hands off.
It is enough to install the ball bearings to raise the rod and the handle of the lever, to put the first bearing, the spacer and the wheel.
Then put the second bearing and lower the rod with all that above and press the lever to thread the parts into the core of the wheel.
It is possible to adjust the length of the rod to drive the bearings correctly depending on the size of the wheels.
For metal cores, you must think of putting grease so as not to damage the material by forcing.
To remove the bearings, put yourself with the lever handle raised on the hook by pressing the wheel down with your hand and lower to pull on the bearing. And the same to remove the second.

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