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What are Freeskates and who are they for?

What is freeskating / freeride skating?
The termfreeskate" appeared a decade ago to refer initially to a new category of skates rather than a specific roller sports discipline. This movement, initiated by the brand Solomon, aimed at offering a new category of products that would meet the expectations of urban skaters in the know. Indeed, the emergence of inline skating has created a generation of skaters the likes that had never been seen before. In their wake, we've seen the arrival of very specialist disciplines such as slalom, jumping, grinding, downhill and street skates springing from it. Their requirements in terms of manoeuvrability, precision, comfort and resistance can be felt quickly and it is then that the experienced gained by Solomon in the field of skiing was exploited to serve skating. Today, and after many years of development, brands such as Rollerblade, Seba, K2 and Powerslide now offer the best equipment in this field.
Freeskates/freeride skates, who are they for?
For everyone! The are the most versatile skates on the market, robust and ultra easy to handle. They are suitable for all levels of skater, apart from a few top-of-the-range senior models. For beginners, despite a chassis that's less stable because it's shorter, the extra support with the boot and its precision allows for a better position for learning, and subsequently a larger margin for growth.
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