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The freeskate roller is what and for whom?

The freeskate / freeride roller what is it?
The term "roller freeskate "appeared some ten years ago to initially designate a new category of rollerblades rather than a specific practice of this urban gliding sport. This movement, initiated by the brand Solomon , aimed at proposing a new category of products that would meet the expectations of skilful city skaters. Indeed, the appearance of roller skating online has generated a generation of skaters as we had not yet known. In their wake, we see then appear very technical specialties, such as slalom, jumping, slides , descent ... and the urban routes that result. Their needs for maneuverability, precision, comfort and resistance of the material are quickly felt, and it is at this time that the experience gained by Salomon in the ski area will be exploited to serve the roller . Today, and after many years of evolution, brands such as Rollerblade , Seba , K2 or Powerslide offer the best equipment in this field.
The freeskate / freeride roller is for whom?
For everyone ! These are the most versatile rollers on the market, robust and ultra manageable. They are suitable for all levels of practice, except for a few high-end models. For beginners, despite a less stable frame as shorter, the gain in maintaining the shoe and its accuracy allow a better position for learning, and subsequently a larger margin of evolution.
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