Brakes POWERSLIDE Brake HABS L / XL (125mm)POWERSLIDE Brake HABS L / XL (125mm)
  • POWERSLIDE Brake HABS L / XL (125mm)

POWERSLIDE Brake HABS L / XL (125mm)

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Product description POWERSLIDE Brake HABS L / XL (125mm)

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POWERSLIDE Brake HABS L / XL (125mm)

HABS brake size Large - advanced braking technology. In cooperation with Swiss scientists;we discovered that the heel brakes worked better when the braking angle was higher. You will have to raise your toes a little higher than usual;but you can put all your weight on the brake. The higher pressure on the brake pads means you can stop faster. You can adjust the height of your brake pads to suit your skate style or to optimize performance when the pad is worn. The brake pad is made of long lasting NR SBR material;a mixture of natural and artificial rubber compounds. Large brake pads are suitable for skates with a wheel size of 110mm or more.

Technical characteristics:
Material: Natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber NR / SBR
Max Wheel size max: 125mm
Brake: HABS
Large size brake pad size: L / XL
Hardness: 85A
service life: long life;quick stop;height adjustable and replaceable.

Brand presentation POWERSLIDE

Founded in 1994, the brand Powerslide is a multi-faceted skate manufacturer. Indeed, Powerslide also designs recreational skates, speed skates and freeskate skates. Powerslide also offers some of the most innovative skates in the world of urban action sports. Launched recently, the Doop Freestyle skate is a good example. It fits over your shoes while ensuring perfect ankle support and performance as good as traditional freestyle skates. Powerslide is really one of the major players in the world of urban action sports.

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