ROLL LINE King pin nut for Variant / Blaster Silver [x4]

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    Product description ROLL LINE King pin nut for Variant / Blaster Silver [x4]

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    ROLL LINE King pin nut for Variant / Blaster Silver [x4]

    To replace the adjusting nuts of the Roll Line Blaster and Variant (F and M) frames.

    The kingpin nut is the one that allows the compression of the gums to adjust the flexibility of the steering and locks the various parts to keep them in place.
    The nylon ring which is inside the nut prevents the part from loosening with shocks and vibrations.
    But it is necessary to replace the part if there is a tendency to screw and unscrew too much to maintain the plate, change parts or make adjustments too regularly.
    The nut is adjusted with a spanner or socket wrench of 17.

    Brand overview ROLL LINE

    Roll-Line is the undisputed global leader on the professional skate market: Roll-Line's designs are
    the result of continuous research into new materials with a view to guaranteeing ultimate performance.
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