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BONT Platine ATHENA Black


Product description BONT Platine ATHENA

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BONT Platine ATHENA Black

The Athena turntable was developed in order to meet the performance expectations of people who are looking for the most lightness, responsiveness and stability at the same time in the world of roller derby.

Aeronautical aluminum 6061 makes it possible to have a rigid and light quad roller skate plate for easier mounting on the track. To give everything during the game phases and no longer think about skating.
The adjustments of the plates on the trucks with a precise adjustment, with in addition a profile lowered in relation to the shoe allow to obtain powerful supports and changes of direction for total control.

Technical characteristics :
material: aeronautical aluminum 6061
angle: 20 degree
axis diameter: 8mm
rubber hardness: 88A

sold in pairs without stoppers.

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