ROLL LINE HOCKEY brake Ambra US Natural [x2]

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    Product description ROLL LINE HOCKEY brake Ambra US Natural [x2]

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    ROLL LINE HOCKEY brake Ambra US Natural

    Originally for rink-hockey but also suitable for roller derby, hiking or skatepark.

    As long as you need a large and secure support on the brakes of your skates. To block in derby, brake hard when hiking or lean on it in a bowl or ramp on the modules.
    Natural "ambra"eraser offers excellent grip and comfortable rebound but tends to wear out quickly on abrasive floors.
    Fits quad roller skates with US / imperial thread.

    technical characteristics :
    thread: US / imperial
    sold: by pair

    Brand overview ROLL LINE

    Roll-Line is the undisputed global leader on the professional skate market: Roll-Line's designs are
    the result of continuous research into new materials with a view to guaranteeing ultimate performance.
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