Brakes CHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]CHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]
  • CHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]
  • CHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]
  • Video CHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]

CHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]

Colours :
CherryCHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]
TurquoiseCHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]
PinkCHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB Cherry [x2]
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Product description CHAYA Brake CHERRY BOMB [x2]

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CHAYA Cherry Bomb Toe Stop Flat x2 CHERRY

In order to put a little color and have good quad brakes.

The Chaya Cherry Bomb stoppers are made of a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic compounds for better braking and greater resistance on different indoor and outdoor floors.
The flat surface of 48mm in diameter makes it possible to have a powerful support for blockages in derby, but also to be able to brake on hikes or even lean to start in skatepark.
The long rod allows the brake to be adjusted in relation to wear in order to have the most effective braking.

technical characteristics :
thread: US / Imperial
stem: long
sold: by pair

Brand overview CHAYA

Introducing our new collection of quad skate premium products.
Chaya means 'life' in Hebrew. Quad/Derby skating is a real passion for many, and that's reflected in the Chaya brand's products.
Chaya's brand image is crisp, clean and streamlined. These combine style and performance.
Chaya brings customers the very best materials and premium manufacturing.
Once you try them, you won't look back.

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