Bearings ROLL LINE Rlt Speed Max Abec 9 7mmROLL LINE Rlt Speed Max Abec 9 7mm
  • ROLL LINE Rlt Speed Max Abec 9 7mm

ROLL LINE Rlt Speed Max Abec 9 7mm

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Product description ROLL LINE Rlt Speed Max Abec 9 7mm

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ROLL LINE SPEED MAX bearings Abec 9- 7mm

Speed Max is a latest generation specially treated steel bearing patented by Roll Line. It offers maximum smoothness, excellent and constant speed and high level performance. The bearings are open on one side to allow good cleaning !!
These bearings have 8 internal spheres unlike standard bearings.

Technical characteristics :
Axle diameter: 7mm
Accuracy: Abec 9
Box of 16 bearings
Manufacturing: Europe

Brand overview ROLL LINE

Roll-Line is the undisputed global leader on the professional skate market: Roll-Line's designs are
the result of continuous research into new materials with a view to guaranteeing ultimate performance.
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