Skate transport bag ROOKIE Leach 140cm RainbowROOKIE Leach 140cm Rainbow
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ROOKIE Leach 140cm Rainbow

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Product description ROOKIE Leach 140cm Rainbow

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ROOKIE Leach 140cm Rainbow

This carrying strap makes it easy to carry a pair of inline skates, a skateboard, a cruiser, or even a small longboard.
It is enough to pass a buckle on the brakes or the wheels and to put over the shoulder as a sling.
And once you need to roll, you just have to fold it up and put it away in your pocket.

Brand overview ROOKIE

Rookie is a brand of quad skates created in 1978. For more than 30 years now, Rookie Skates has been proud to create unique and elegant boots, suited to dancing on skates and relaxing exercise more generally.
Skating is a fantastic way to keep in shape, become part a real community and have fun. Knowing how much skaters love music, Rookie Skates has chosen to develop its style taking inspiration from the best music from the past 30 years.
And the results speak for themselves: Rookie offers excellent value quad skates which are both stylish and fun.

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