What makes aggressive skates different

Aggressive skates are perfect for sliding in skateparks or on the street. These skates feature a boot that includes a skate liner, a cuff that keeps the ankle snugly in place, one or several buckles, and a cover boot (over the shell) on some designs. They also have soulplates under the boots, frames fitted with an H-Block, followed by the wheels and bearings.

Materials and quality in different boots

There are two types of aggressive skate that shine through: those with soft shells called soft boots, and those with hard shells, called hard boots. Soft boots generally feature a carbon outer shell or an outer shell made from plastic. Because they're lighter, the weight is reduced. The carbon outer shell is more rigid, making it more responsive and precise than the plastic one. The plastic outer shell is more comfortable and less rigid.

Choosing your frames

There are four different types of frame:

  • Flat frames: these designs feature four wheels. The four wheels are in contact with the ground, making freestyle skates faster and more manageable.

  • Anti-rocker models: this category of skate has two wheels at the ends that don't come into contact with the ground (known as anti-rockers) and two central wheels. Wheels are generally made from plastic or very rigid rubber, with hardness levels of over 100A. This layout helps prevent blocks and stalls during slides. This is the most popular aggressive skating style.

  • The set up freestyle : frame is designed with a large V-shaped H-Block, ensuring more space that allows for an easier slide. This style is close to the anti-rocker design, albeit with a more streamlined, cleaner look.

  • The Powerblading design: the very latest design to be developed. As fast as freeskating, with as much slide as aggressive skating. The frame is made from plastic and the wheels are bigger.

Design your own unique aggressive skates
You can now customise your street skates using the custom maker and adding spare parts. Plus, thanks to UFS standards, all decks can be adapted to fit all boots.

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