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RAZORS Roller Street SHIFT 2

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Product description RAZORS Roller Street SHIFT 2

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RAZORS Roller Street SHIFT 2

Second Shift model from Razors with its new rapid exchange system for turntables: Instant Frame Changing System.
Thanks to a system of clips in the soulplate of the skate, you can go from a stage for street to a plate for ballad in freeskate or 3 wheels.
This versatile roller allows, with two simple buttons to press, to change plates and sizes of wheels, without having to disassemble the screws of the plates.
For the intensive practice in street, 4 mini screws in the soulplate ensures a perfect robustness of the roller.
New design inspired by Cult and Superlight models from Razors.
This new street version is mounted with a new slipper edited under the brand Reign and 4 screws for a better fixation of the soulplate and sliderplate. Always mounted on a Ground Control Featherlite 3 stage, with Ground Control 62mm wheels, Abec 9 bearings and 42mm antirockers.

Technical characteristics :
Practical: street / skatepark / ramp
Boot: hardshell (plastic) bottomless
Clamping system: buckles and laces
Slipper: new Reign
Soulplate: Aggressive Modular Shift / Freeskate with the Cosmo Razors
Platinum: UFS Ground Control Featherlite 3
Wheels: Razors 62mm / 90A
Antirockers: Razors 42mm
Bearings: ABEC9

Rollers sold in pairs with an Allen key.

Brand overview RAZORS

Razors was founded in 1989 by Andy Wegener in Germany. Now established in the USA, Razors is one of the largest manufacturers of aggressive skates in the world and the market leader in the United States. Razors supports and sponsors a number of riders throughout the world, from the USA to Poland. In all, over 50 riders are privileged partners of Razors! Why not join them?

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