Aggressive skates RAZORS Roller street LOCA White LilacRAZORS Roller street LOCA White Lilac
  • RAZORS Roller street LOCA White Lilac
  • RAZORS Roller street LOCA White Lilac
  • RAZORS Roller street LOCA White Lilac

RAZORS Roller street LOCA White Lilac

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Product description RAZORS Roller street LOCA Lilac

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RAZORS Roller street LOCA White Lilac

Razors is happy to present their new LOCA model. Designed by and for female skaters, the aggressive Loca roller skates come with a new V-shaped spoiler and a new smaller shell (37-40.5EU / 4-5US) - designed for smaller feet but requiring increased performance . Based on the Razors Shift shell, it comes with the Instant Frame Changing system, which instantly changes frames to aggressive or large-wheel configuration. The Shift Loca model is equipped with Reign X loca slippers, Ground Control Featherlite 3 frames and Ground Control 56mm / 90A wheels.

Technical characteristics :
Boots: Razors Shift Shell and IFC Soulframe
Slippers: Reign x Loca
Spoiler: Razors V Cut
Plates: GC FLT3
Wheels: Loca 56mm / 90A
Tightening system: Hockey buckles and laces
Antirockers: Razors 42mm
Bearings: ABEC9

Brand overview RAZORS

Razors was founded in 1989 by Andy Wegener in Germany. Now established in the USA, Razors is one of the largest manufacturers of aggressive skates in the world and the market leader in the United States. Razors supports and sponsors a number of riders throughout the world, from the USA to Poland. In all, over 50 riders are privileged partners of Razors! Why not join them?

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