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XSJADO Baseplate 1.0 Black

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Product description XSJADO Baseplate 1.0

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XSJADO Baseplate 1.0 Black

Baseplate compatible for Xsjado 1.0 models

Size S: 4.5-9.5 US Size L: 9.5-13 US

Sold by 2 for 1 pair of XSJADO

Brand overview XSJADO

Xsjado skates are the most versatile aggressive skates on the market. In fact, Xsjados fit over the top of your shoes, and therefore cover several sizes to allow you to tweak your fit. What's more, Xsjado is also one of the aggressive skating brands that has done the most to develop this discipline. It supports and encourages a team of world class riders including some of the best pros around. So why not grab yourself some Xsjados!

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