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VALO Soulplates DUAL Beige

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Product description VALO Soulplates DUAL

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VALO Soulplates DUAL Beige

Soulplates Valo Dual Beige.

Sold in pairs with screws.

Brand overview VALO

Created in 2003, Valo is first and foremost a community that is celebrating a decade of passion for the sport with Jon Julio, Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Soshiro, Kanashima and the whole Valo family. Jon Julio has made it to the top of the Valo brand thanks, in particular, to his sneaker-inspired style. Boasting an extremely durable shell and a shock-resistant cover, these skates are lightweight and stand the test of time. Their comfort and quality make Valo skates suitable for skaters of every level, and all those on the lookout for moments of pure pleasure.

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