Bearings GO PROJECT NITRIDE bearing [x8]GO PROJECT NITRIDE bearing [x8]
  • GO PROJECT NITRIDE bearing [x8]
  • GO PROJECT NITRIDE bearing [x8]
  • GO PROJECT NITRIDE bearing [x8]
  • GO PROJECT NITRIDE bearing [x8]
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Product description GO PROJECT NITRIDE bearing [x8]

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The objective, during the engineering of the bearings;is to try to produce the "ball bearing"component so that it is as round and as hard as possible. Silicon nitride is a form of ceramic that is over 50% harder than steel. By manufacturing ball bearings in this material, Go Project Nitride bearings can offer the following advantages over traditional skid bearings:

- 80% less friction between the balls and the cage
- Bearing life increased by 10 times
- Smoother bearing surface produces less vibration and less fatigue for the skater

The bearing cage is made of steel, the material best suited to everyday skating (the ceramic is not dense enough and can fracture, especially under sudden force).

Go Project does not use the ABEC scale to evaluate bearings because of its irrelevance to the specific forces imposed by skating. However, nitride-based bearings are considered an ABEC 9 compared to industry standards.

Technical characteristics :
Bearing 608 RS: Bearings with a nylon flange and one open side.
Size 608: Compatible with 8mm or smaller diameter shafts.
RS: Nylon flanges to prevent rust, and easily removable, for regular maintenance.
1 face with nylon flange for less friction.
Put the open side inside the wheel to protect the bearing from dust
Cage (around balls) nylon to prevent rust.

Interview :
After driving in the water, or regularly, disassemble the wheels, dry the bearings by turning them empty and degrease the outside of the bearings with a dry cloth.

Sold in packs of 8 bearings for 4 wheels.

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