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What is freestyle skating?


Freestyle rollerblading , often called aggressive rollerblading or street skating, is a sliding sport that is practiced in an urban environment or directly in a skatepark. It is an extreme practice at the base of a basic sport that is rollerblading. We use the freestyle skate to slide on sloping treads, on rails (iron bars) or when jumping: jumping steps, jumps or ramps by making rotations or grabs taking skates.

History of freestyle skating

The culture of roller street has developed in France thanks to the influence of the United States. At the very beginning, it was practiced with classic rollerbladers that were not at all adapted to the practice of freestyle skating. Over time, manufacturers have been working on the development of freestyle skates and have created dedicated product lines.

Technical characteristics

Comparing with conventional rollers, freestyle skating has the characteristics of having small wheels with plastic plates , a strong shoe and a stiffer shell. The roller street has additional complements: a soulplate (the underside of the skate shell), royalplate (the recess in the skate) and the H-block on the plate to slider between the two wheels in the middle.

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