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THEM SKATES Roller Street 909 TOO EASY Black

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Product description THEM SKATES Roller Street 909 TOO EASY

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THEM SKATES Roller Street 909 TOO EASY Black

The Them 909 Too Easy inline skates are a new mold of street skates for 2020. Designed by Jon Julio and Kyle Sola, the 909's hull is largely based on its predecessor the 908, but with upgrades. And this time, the Them 909 Too Easy is black and comes with the new Them plate.

The construction of the boots has been carefully considered with thicker plastic in the most relevant places, both for better wear and for performance.

The spoiler is adjustable (vertically) to allow you to use it in an up position or in a riding position, depending on your preference for flex and support and allowing you to relieve pressure points so common when flexing. the ankle when grinding.

The roller skate comes with a brand new frame, designed by Jon Julio and Kyle Sola. The turntable uses a perfectly balanced low H-block for flat and anti-rocker setups.

The durable and low friction material makes the frame extremely strong and sliding quickly. They have custom made steel axles that only need an Allen wrench to unscrew them (like the GC FL3 Sickle axles), which means there is less possibility of rounding your bolts and reduced time spent installing new parts.

The 30mm ride height keeps the center of gravity low for more control. The frame is available in two lengths of 250mm or 270mm depending on the size of the hull and is suitable for up to 58mm wheels for flat lay configurations.

The shell sizing is available in 4 shells (XS, Small, Med, Large).

The Skate Them is a simplistic idea from humble beginnings and proof that the real value is in the fit and overall feel of the skate rather than the gadgets and features. They are beautiful to ride, maintaining speed with ease and encouraging the skater to perform grind tricks properly with their streamlined construction and refined design.

Technical characteristics:
Practices: street / skatepark / ramp
Boot: monoblock hardshell (plastic)
Tightening system: buckle, strap and laces
Slippers: Them Skates V3
Shock absorber: yes
Soulplate: Monoblock Them
Platinum: Them
Wheels: 56mm / 90A
Bearings: Abec 5

Rollerblades sold in pairs with an Allen key.

Brand overview THEM SKATES

Them Goods was founded in the US by a legend on the aggressive skating scene: Jon Julio. The brand mainly manufactures and sells streetwear adapted for action sports: T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, socks and more technical skate parts such as bearings.

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