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REMZ Roller Street HR 2.0

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Product Description REMZ Roller Street HR 2.0

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REMZ Roller Street HR 2.0

Allow 1 size above your usual shoes for this model.

The REMZ HR2.0 is the new high-end model from Remz. A blend of style, technique and comfort that stems from the long history of the brand's proven and innovative ideas.

It has a fresh and clean design, a brand new slipper with a new support and reinforcements all around, a new system of strap at the ankle for a more comfortable fit and other delicacies !!
The one-piece sling offers a smooth grind and as always with the famous Remz Classic models, the rigid leather skin and plastic are subtly connected to give this skate its high resistance.

The new Remz 2.0 features Featherlite 3 decks and GroundControl 64mm wheels with antirockers.

Technical characteristics :
Type of practice: street / skatepark / ramp
Boot: Remz softshell freedom-of-feet concept
Clamping system: buckles and laces
Slipper: new Remz with neoprene at the front
Shock absorb: silicone
Soulplate: monobloque with backslideplate V2
Platinum: UFS Ground Control Featherlite3
Wheels: Ground Control 64mm / 90A
Antirockers: Razors 42mm
Bearings: ABEC9

Sizes: 39 to 47

Rollers sold in pairs with an Allen key.

Brand presentation REMZ

Remz is a brand of roller street (aggressive) born in 1998 in the USA. It was founded by a pioneer of roller-skating: Kato Mateu. Known mainly for their soft-boot technology, the aggressive Remz rollers are much more comfortable than their competitors while maintaining their nervousness and efficiency. No longer compromise on comfort, the boots and rollers Remz will allow you to succeed all your best tricks while being comfortable.

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