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SEBA Soulplate STREET bleu

Soulplates de remplacement pour SEBA CJ Wellsmore et les SEBA SX. 

Elles s'adaptent aussi aux USD Carbon, Carbon-Free et Imperials.

S = 36/40
M = 41/43
L = 44/47

Soulplates vendues par paire avec visseries.

Brand presentation SEBA

Seba is a French skating brand specialized in freeskate rollers. Designed by riders for riders, the brand is led by Sebastien Laffargue, world freestyle roller skater! Seba is a brand very involved in the field of freestyle skating and pushes this discipline by sponsoring many professional riders as well as events around the world. Their rollers are of excellent quality and have the unique know-how that characterizes the brand and makes it one of the favorite brands of riders.

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