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TITEN RED X bearing [x8]

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Product description TITEN RED X bearing [x8]

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TITEN bearing x8 RED X

Very resistant to shocks, the Titen bearings are specially designed for roller skating.

Red X 608 RS bearing: Bearings with a nylon flange and one open side.

7 SWISS quality steel balls, superior to the ABEC standard.
Size 608: Compatible with 8mm or smaller diameter shafts.
RS: Nylon flanges to prevent rust, and easily removable, for regular maintenance.
1 face with nylon flange for less friction.
Cage (around balls) nylon to prevent rust.

Maintenance: After driving in the water, or regularly, disassemble the wheels, dry the bearings by turning them empty and degrease the outside of the bearings with a dry cloth.

Sold in sets of 8 bearings for 4 wheels.
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