Aggressive Skates

What is Aggressive skating ? Aggressive skating, ou Aggressive skating, is the most extreme form of ;skating. Aggressive skating is it's own underground world with its very own vibe. aggressive skating, or is skating suited to urban challenges such as jumping large gaps, grinding on rails or using ramps in a skatepark. Aggressive brands: RazorsUSD, Remz, Valo, Xsjado, ...

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Recreational skates

What is Fitness Skating ? Le , ou Recreational Skating is the ideal form of skating for all those who want to start skating. You are attracted to action sports and, in particular, skating. Recreational skating is the most suitable way to take your first strides in the world of urban action sports. recreationalskates, are designed for gentle skating, riding around town, getting to work or enjoying country roads. They're best for beginners and occasional skaters.

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Quad Skates

What is the Roller quad The Quad Roller, originally from runner roulette: quad skating , or Roller derby , it's just that most of we called in the 80s a roller skate. Roller quad is a normal shoe on which is screwed to a chassis 2x2 parallel wheels, with soft and wide wheels of small diameter. The Modern versions of the material used for these arrangements have nothing to envy rollerblades lines. Practice Roller quad is just different, especially since the more technical support of surface provided by the wheels is shorter underfoot, though more stable laterally. The advantage of the Roller quad is finally to choose his own shoe and turn it into a unique roller skating, yours. It's like in his sneakers, and Because. There are three disciplines in the quad skating: the artistic skating (this is to make skating in dance), the ride (get around town, do jumps, ...) and the roller derby .
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What is Freeskating ? Freeskating or Freeride skating is a multi-disciplinary type of skating and is above all more technical than recreational skating. Freeskating, Freeride skates are technical skates suited to slalom, jumping, grinding and downhill. The term Freeskating or freeride skating appeared a decade ago to designate initially a new category of skates rather than a specific roller sports discipline. 

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Speed skates

What is Speed Skating? Speed skatingroller of performance, is a roller allowing you to push to the maximum the limits of your practice. Speed skating is form of skating with that involves physical training, just like running or cycling might do. It involves skating over long distances, either on the road, cycle paths or on tracks in the forms of tarmac rings made for this purpose. Speed skating is a fully gliding discipline, where the muscles work effectively without impacting the joints. 

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Children's skates

Specialist skates for kids?Children's skatesor junior skates are or skates juniors are designed to suit the physical development of children, and therefore to be able to adapt perfectly to the needs and desires of young riders. The inner boot in achildren's skate provides excellent support around the foot and ankle without restricting them, in order to encourage the child to position themselves in the correct position. When this is the case, even the very youngest can have fun in complete safety. On the other hand, the children's skates distributed by Nomadeshop come from brands recognised for their quality. In their junior range they offer the same quality and finish as they do for adult skates. Finally, children's skates are adjustable on sizes 4 to 5 (29 to 34, 32 to 37, 36 to 40). As such, there's no need to invest every year, simply push a button and slide the inner boot into the larger size. Some children's skates are also sold in the form of packs, which include pads. Children's skates are available in inline or quad versions.

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Speedness skating

What is Speedness Skating? Fitness skates or speedness skates are skates that have the same features as recreational skates, but with larger wheels and a lower boot. This provides more comfort when skating on rough surfaces, and the opportunity to experience the thrills of a little speed. Fitness skates have been revised and optimised to be usable by the greatest number of people by offering very comfortable inner boots and excellent support. Our tips: fitness skates are ideal for those looking for speed without losing control.
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