A "beginner" scooter lets the rider learn the basics of freestyle scootering. And "intermediate" scooter lets the rider develop and evolve with the same kit. An "expert' scooter' lets the rider practice every type of scootering.
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Weight matters when choosing a scooter. The smaller the rider, the more important it is to have a light scooter. It will be much easier for him to do his tricks. The weight becomes less important when the rider is tall.
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Handlebar height
Handlebar height in millimeters. Remember to look at the size guide on each product sheet to be sure that the handlebars correspond to your size.
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Deck length
Deck length in millimeters. The longer it is, the heavier the deck will be, but the more space there will be for your feet.
  • 540
Deck width
Width of the deck in millimeters. The wider it is, the heavier the deck will be, but the more space there will be for your feet.
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Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all

Ethic DTC freestyle scooter

The brand designed by riders for riders.
ETHIC was founded in 2012 by Kévin DEMAY aka "Zizimutant"and the family Dissidence. It's after many negative experiences with other brands of scooters that this young entrepreneur, then 23 years old, will launch the brand that will change his life. The only French brand on sale today, ETHIC DTC is the brand that had set itself the mission of overturning the scooter market: pieces drawn and thought by the practitioners themselves to compete with the big manufacturers already well established in the world. sector. The motto was to make high-end products at affordable prices. The bet was held and it is at the end of 2012 that ETHIC enters the French and European market with a video that made the freestyle scooter scene tremble: "Ethic DTC EAST US Trip"and it is 105k views remains still today one of the most emblematic videos of the sport. At that time, the brand had quickly made its way among the competitors to finally rise today in the top 3 European brands and soon global.
Thanks to a number of factors, ETHIC very quickly forged a solid reputation, including the core aspect of the brand for example but above all thanks to its team and exceptional videos behind each trip. Originally made up of Frenchman Alexis LETELLIER aka "PORCIAL", the Swiss Johan CAJAS aka "Jojo"and the American Robert MCMORAN aka "monky", the team finally expanded over the years to now count in his ranks some of the best riders on the planet: Will BARLOW aka "Barzeyy", Nick TEDRICK etc.
Solidly established, this brand is originally turned to practice Street and a little "trash"of the sport with a single-range opens today to new horizons by offering a complete range from entry-level to high end with products for all types of practices and all levels.

Ethic Erawan, the entry level while lightness!

The ERAWAN is the lightest freestyle scooter in its class and with which all tricks of the moment will be achievable. This is the best scooter to start with its weight and size perfect for small size.
This trott featherweight is distinguished by its quality parts that are found in part over-the-counter. Its Ethic Eryade aluminum handlebar is one of the lightest and strongest on the market and its short and light Ethic Erawan deck with a coarse grain grip provides impressive responsiveness in tricks.
With its 2-screw aluminum clamp, the handlebar is securely attached to the scooter without adding a dead weight to the machine. In addition, it is an ICS compression system that prevents the trott Erawan from playing in the gallows. This system very simple to tighten, will easily find the feelings of a trott fully monobloc in just a few keys. Add to that the ethic incube wheels and the nylon brake that does not damage the wheels, or the wide wrists that provide unparalleled ride comfort, you get a very good quality freestyle trott and perfect to start as to evolve in the sport.
This scooter, unlike other brands, results from the assembly of different parts that sells separately the brand Ethic, it is therefore quality parts easily changeable and replaceable.
Attention: the scooter ETHIC ERAWAN is delivered disassembled like all our scooters freestyles.

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Ethic Artefact, The versatility for all coin purses!

This is the evolution of his little sister Erawan. A little heavier, longer and higher it is still very light and is one of the most successful freestyle scooters in its class. It will be very easy to learn and perform tricks with this trott specially designed to promote the performance of riders.
This featherweight machine is also distinguished by its parts that are found over the counter. The scooter is equipped with a ethic dynasty V2 steel handlebars that is one of the lightest and strongest on the market. His deck, meanwhile, is an ethic artifact that is longer than the Erawan but remains lightweight. We find the signature of the brand with a gros grain grip whose reactivity is impressive.
With its ICS compression system, the trott artefact is really one-piece and tight like when you buy it. Otherwise and like the whole range, it can be tightened very easily and quickly with an Allen key of 6.
Add to that the ethic incube wheels and their unique style, as well as the nylon brake that allows to brake without damaging its wheels, but also ETHIC DTC wrists very wide and thick that bring ride comfort without equal, we get a freestyle trott of very good quality.
This scooter is perfect for all types of level.

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Ethic Vulcain, upscale and at the forefront of innovation!

First full scooter equipped with STD12 standard invented by ETHIC. This system is a modification of the wheel / bearing / bolt assembly that moves to a larger diameter (12mm) than the current standard. This allows for a more robust and stable scooter. This is the first high-end scooter of the brand which is placed in the price standards. Yet, on its own, it brings together most of the latest technologies and innovations from the world of freestyle scooters. Longer and taller than most of its competitors, this scooter is for intermediate riders and confirmed even large size.
This freestyle scooter results, once again, from the assembly of several pieces that ETHIC sells separately. It is therefore superior quality equipment studied for the practice of freestyle. Its handlebars are the ethic almasty V2 steel which is one of the lightest and strongest of the market with an unparalleled style. It's on the new ethic VULCAIN deck that the brand decided to design this complete scooter. It is long, wide and light, and always equipped with a coarse grip whose responsiveness and stability are impressive.
Unlike other trotts in the range, this one is compressed with an HIC which is a better choice for large sizes. The Vulcan trott is different and allows to equip more bar than these big sisters. With this system it is easy to quickly tighten his scooter to regain its original monobloc appearance. Just remove the handlebars and easily tighten a screw at the top of the fork. Changing handlebars or switching to an SCS compression system will be just as easy and fast.
To allow all this to roll, those are ethic wheels Mogway 125mm 12 std that have been chosen. There is also a nylon brake and large wrists bringing ride comfort and style. All this makes it possible to obtain trott of very high range competing with customs.

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